Granny’s Recipe Box

Next week is Thanksgiving.  This week, I pulled out family recipes I make every year, and don’t really need the recipes for, just to make sure I remember everything I need correctly.  As I flipped through the tattered and stained recipes, I got nostalgic.  Granny’s handwriting is on many cards.  I remember Granny standing at the stove making some of those recipes.  I remember being in the kitchen with Mom learning how to knead bread and make noodles myself and all the holiday candies.  The holidays are full of tradition and memories for me.  

Then, I got kinda melancholy. It’s a fight to get the kids off the electronics let alone in the kitchen.  In today’s world, where so many are so distracted and busy, I wonder how many things will be lost when the older generations die.  Will the recipes be forgotten as time fades the memories?  Will the knowledge of the old family recipes still be passed down or are families too busy to learn as grandmothers and mothers pass away?  I was not ever blessed with children of my own.  Other than Mom and me, no one else in my family knows how to make the bread.  Tera used to make the noodles, but decided long ago, as a teenager, she didn’t want to do it so I took over and have done it ever since.  I have no one to pass the recipes and knowledge on to but my nephews and their spouses once they marry, but will they want to learn?  How many are the last generation of their family? How many recipes are lost already?  How many memories never made?  

At the Halloween Party a month or so ago, someone told me how much they love my column and how excited they get over the older recipes.  You know the ones I just mentioned, the ones passed down with love through the generations. As I flipped through the recipe box, I decided I wanted to share a few with my readers.  I hate to think they may be lost one day just because I die.  Maybe some of them can be added to someone else’s recipe box or maybe they are already there and these just might bring a smile and a happy memory. 

Those of us in my family that are living still get together every year, but I miss my granny and my brother and my husband.  They were all great cooks and rarely used recipes.  I had to laugh as I got these recipes ready for the column this week.  So many things we cook, especially from old recipes, have steps you just do without really thinking about and they aren’t written down.  I even found a recipe in Mom’s box that was just a list of ingredients.  There were no instructions! I had to add to these recipes just to make it easy to follow in my column.  Otherwise, there might have been a step missing!  This weekend as you prepare for Thanksgiving, pull out some old recipes and take the time to share them with family, even in-laws.  Make cooking dinner part of memory making.  So many times, you hear someone say they need no help.  Even if you don’t need the help, accept it and make some new memories.  Teach someone new how to make that trusted family recipe.  Be thankful and blessed and cherish your time with family.  Meet me in the kitchen for some wonderful recipes straight out of the recipe boxes of two of the most influential women in my life.

Chicken Puffs


6 Tbsps. unsalted sweet cream butter

1 cup flour, sifted

1 tsp sugar

4 eggs

1 cup water

Chicken Filling:

2 cups cooked chicken, shredded

¼ cup finely chopped yellow pepper

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

½ cup sour cream-depending on the flavors of your cooked chicken, you may want to substitute with cream cheese, Miracle Whip or even a salad dressing like ranch

Preheat oven to 400°F.  Line baking sheets with parchment paper.  Heat water and butter to rolling boil in medium saucepan.  Stir in flour and sugar.  Stir vigorously over medium heat until mixture forms a ball.  Continue stirring for 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.  Add eggs one at a time, making sure to fully incorporate egg before adding another (Important that mixture is cooled since adding egg to hot mixture will cook egg).  Drop by heaping tablespoon onto prepared baking sheet.  You can make your puffs fancy by putting them in a piping bag with a large tip and piping them onto the cookie sheet.  Bake until puffed and golden, about 25 minutes.  Cool on wire racks.  Mix chicken, pepper, lemon juice and sour cream until well blended.  Refrigerate until ready to use.  Just before serving, cut off tops of puffs and fill with chicken mixture.  Feel free to place the tops back on or leave off.  You can also top with cheese or green onion, etc.

Recipe from Granny’s recipe box.


Chicken Noodle Casserole

3 cups wide egg noodles

6 cups water

1 2/3 cup evaporated milk

1 10¾ oz can cream of chicken soup

2 cups cooked chicken, shredded

¾ cup fine corn flake crumbs

3 Tbsps. unsalted sweet cream butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350°F.  Bring water to a boil in medium saucepan.  Reduce heat to medium and cook noodles until tender.  Drain noodles and return to pot.  Add evaporated milk, soup and chicken and mix well.  Pour mixture into 2 quart baking dish.  Combine crumbs and butter and sprinkle over casserole.  Bake 30 minutes or until crust is golden and casserole is heated through.

Note: Feel free to add your favorite vegetables.  Peas, broccoli or carrots are all great options. 

Recipe from Mom’s recipe box.


Marinated Vegetables

1 can corn, drained

1 can green beans, drained

5 cups sliced carrots, cooked until tender

1 medium onion, sliced as desired

1 yellow pepper

4 celery stalks, sliced then

½ cup vegetable oil

10.5oz can cream of tomato soup

¾ cup vinegar

1 cup sugar

1 tsp mustard

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp pepper 

Mix all vegetables together in large bowl.  Mix everything else together in medium bowl until well combined.  Pour liquid over vegetables and marinate in fridge overnight.  Serve with dinner or as a snack.  Keeps about 2 weeks. 

Note: Feel free to change up the vegetables to make it your own.  Other good options are zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, snap peas.  The possibilities are endless!

Recipe from Mom’s recipe box.


Cool Whip Cookies

1 chocolate fudge cake mix-any flavor will work, but this is my favorite

2 eggs

8oz container whipped topping

½ cup powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350°F.  Line baking sheets with parchment paper.  In large bowl, mix cake mix, eggs and whipped topping until combined, about 1 minute.  Dough will be thick and sticky.  Place powdered sugar in a shallow bowl.  Using a 1 or 2” cookie scoop, scoop dough and drop directly into powdered sugar.  Roll to completely coat and place on prepared baking sheet. Bake 13-15 minutes or until cookies crackle and are set but still slightly soft in the center.  Allow to cool on the pan 3 minutes then transfer to cooling racks to cool completely.  

Recipe from Granny’s recipe box.