Connors Recognized for Service

James Conners Retires after 22 years

District 3 Commissioner James Connors was presented a certificate of recognition for 22 years

of service at his last official meeting Monday.

Connors officially retires today and is thankful for the opportunity to serve the county and his


“It’s been a trip, I’ve learned a lot, had a lot of good mentors, and met a lot of great people,”

Connors said.

A retirement celebration was held yesterday evening at the Okmulgee County Courthouse.

County Emergency Management Director Tim Craighton issued a warning to citizens.

“The Minutemen Disaster and Baptist Ministers Relief Teams have been in town and they do not

charge for their services,” Craighton said, “so if someone comes around asking for money in

yellow shirts, call the police.”

Judge Pandee Ramirez gave the commissioners an update on the courthouse activity. A jury

docket was completed last week.

“We resolved over 30 cases in that week and freed up over 10 kids for adoption,” Judge

Ramirez said. “Thirty cases being resolved is a big deal.”

She thanked the county for the new jury room which “worked out well.” Some sound issues

were reported, which will need to worked out, she added.

Judge Ramirez stated another jury case is set to begin on July 19.

“This is a high security case that the sheriff and others will be helping on,” the judge said.

The following agenda items were approved:

•Officers’ Report - Court Clerk’s Office, March, $2,717.20; April , 2367. May 1986.50; June

1512.21; Election Board, June, $5,136.03.

•Blanket Purchase Orders: District 1, S&H Auto, $1,000 for parts and supplies as needed;

District 1, Unifirst Holdings, uniforms as needed, $800; District 2, RPI, parts and supplies as

needed, $1,000; District 2, Unifirst Holdings for uniforms as needed, $700.

•Employee Forms: Donation of 14 hours of sick leave from Dawn Longan to Reggie Liggons.

•Utility Permits: District 1, with Rural Water District 6 on Hectorville and N. 180 Road, water line;

District 1 with Rural Water District 7 on N. 100 Road and Howard Road for water line; District 2,

water line on Honeycreek and S. 150 Road.

•Approval for the Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector’s Office to engage in a turnover audit with

District 3 as of June 30.

•Bid #29 for hauling, but it was rejected due to it not being a legal bid.

•Transfer of Appropriations for District 1 ($20), 2 ($20) and 3 ($60) for employee added for

insurance; and transfer of $31,000 received for insurance into Capital Outlay.

•Declaration of Surplus Resolution #21-98 Filing cabinets, air conditioning unit, metal tables and

chairs, from the County Clerk’s Office.

•Resolution #21-99 designating county depository banks that can be used by the county


•Bond Resolution #21-100 Treasurer CNA Surety Bond: $75,000 for Vonna Lampkins, and

$40,000 on each Chief, 2nd and 3rd Deputy; $10,000 for all other deputies.

•Resolution #21-101 to Authorize County Treasurer Vonna Lampkins to invest county funds that

are in her custody in accordance with O.S. 62 §348.1 for Authorized Investments - Disposition

of Income.

Under new business, Okmulgee Area Development Corporation Director Court Newkirk

informed the board that he had been contacted about a upcoming petition drive to put county

zoning on the ballot.