City to take control of landfill

Changes start July 1

Patrick Ford


The City of Okmulgee will be taking over operation of the landfill beginning

July 1, according to Public Works Director Rick Pearson.

The landfill will be closed Thursday to begin the transition phase.

“We will be moving all our equipment in so the City will begin operating it,”

Pearson said.

Phil Paden will taken over as the head at the landfill, and there will be four

employees working the site.

The landfill will be open Friday, July 2, and then be closed on Saturday until

after the holiday. It will reopen on Tuesday, July 6.

Pearson stated operating hours will remain the same Monday through

Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

The phone number will be changing and the community will be informed

when that happens.

“The landfill will be closed on all City holidays from this point forward,” he


One of the primary changes when the transition happens is the landfill will

only accept debit or credit cards, or a check. No cash will be accepted.

“The cost per cubic yard will stay the same for all residential customers

hauling in, and commercial rural routes here locally,” he said. “For out of

county, it will go to $11 a cubic yard. Our landfill is filling up pretty fast, so we

have to figure out the best way how to manage it.”

“Mr. Holly has done a great job at the landfill, it’s clean and he’s made

several improvements,” Pearson said.

If there are any commercial or rural routes that have not set up an account,

they are urged to visit the Okmulgee City Hall and get a form to fill out to set

up a charge account to be billed bi-weekly or monthly, he stated.