Severs Block (Mabrey Bank)

101 E 6th St • Okmulgee
101 E 6th St, Okmulgee, OK 74447

The Severs Block, stretching on the north side of 6th Street between Grand & Central, was a testament to one of Okmulgee's earliest pioneers, Captain Frederick B. Severs.

Severs first established the "Big Store," as it was known by the Creek Indians, just northeast of the Creek Council House in 1868.

In 1882, the original building was torn down and a stone building erected in its place, the second stone building ever constructed in Okmulgee.

By the time the railroad came through in 1900, Captain Severs owned most of the land along the north side of 6th Street, from Morton Street to the Frisco Station; by 1907, Severs had remodeled and expanded his building to the east.

The Mabrey Bank Building at 101 East 6th Street is located at Sever's original 1909 location, and its west-facing sandstone wall is from the original 1882 stone building. The entry's one-inch red and green hexagonal floor tiles are also laid in their original pattern.

Severs Block was added to the National Register in 1991.