Hamburger Mania

Daddy’s Hamburgers

4lbs ground beef

Head Country seasoning


Hamburger buns

Lettuce, pulled apart into leaves to fit on buns

Tomato, sliced

Onion, sliced

Miracle Whip

Place wax paper over platter or serving tray.  Form patties and place on serving tray.  Once tray is full, sprinkle seasoning to taste over the layer of hamburgers.  If you still have meat, lay more wax paper over patties and continue forming patties.  Repeat as needed.  Place patties in refrigerator until ready to grill.   On pre-heated grill, place patties seasoned side down.  Then season the side facing you.  Now both sides have been seasoned.  Cook 4-6 minutes on each side, flipping only once.  If you want cheese, add cheese after you have flipped it and it is just about ready.  Then leave on grill just until cheese has melted.  Assemble burger on toasted bun using toppings of choice.  Yum, so good!


Nacho Burger

3 avocados, ripe

½ small onion, finely diced

1 medium tomato, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 lime, juiced

¼ tsp salt

Cheese sauce, homemade or the queso you can buy in a jar

Taco seasoning

2lbs ground beef

Hamburger buns, toasted

Lettuce, tomato, onion, tortilla strips or other toppings of choice

Slice avocados in half, remove pit and skin and place in a small bowl.  Mash avocado with a fork and make it as chunky or smooth as you'd like.  Add onion, tomato, garlic, salt and lime juice.  Mix well to combine.  Refrigerate until ready to use.  Form patties and sprinkle with taco seasoning.  Grill over moderately high heat on preheated grill until browned outside and medium within, 4-6 minutes per side depending on thickness of patty.  Place guacamole on bottom of bun and top with hamburger.  Top hamburger with cheese sauce and other toppings.  Place top bun and enjoy!


Mushroom & Swiss Stuffed Burger

1 Tbsp unsalted sweet cream butter

2 cups sliced mushrooms

¼ cup chopped onion

2lbs ground beef

Seasoning of choice

1/3 cup shredded Swiss cheese

Lettuce, onion, tomato or other toppings of choice

6 hamburger buns

Heat butter in nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add mushrooms and onion.  Cook and stir 4 minutes or until mushrooms have softened. Allow to cool while you prepare meat.  Mix ground beef and seasoning. Measure twelve (1/4 cup) portions of beef. Shape into thin 4-inch round patties. Place about 1 tablespoon each of the mushroom mixture and cheese in center of each of 6 patties. Top with remaining hamburger patties, pinching edges to seal filling. If necessary, lightly flatten with spatula.  Grill over medium heat 4 to 6 minutes per side or until burgers are cooked through (internal temperature of 160°F). Serve burgers on toasted rolls with desired toppings and condiments.

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Black Bean Burgers

For Chipotle Mayo Sauce:

1 cup mayonnaise

2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

1 Tbsp. adobo sauce (from can of chipotle peppers used above)

2 tsps. lime juice

salt and black pepper, to taste

For Burgers:

15oz can black beans, drained and rinsed

½ yellow bell pepper

½ small onion

2 cloves garlic, peeled

1 large egg, beaten

2/3 cup breadcrumbs

1 Tbsp chili powder

1 tsp cumin

salt and black pepper, to taste

hamburger buns

desired burger toppings: lettuce, tomato, etc.

To make sauce, add all ingredients to a food processor or blender and puree until smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Refrigerate until ready to use.  For burgers, place rinsed and drained black beans in a bowl. If needed, blot them with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture. Place in a large bowl and mash well with a fork.  Place bell pepper, onion and garlic in a food processor and process until finely minced.  Transfer mixture to a fine mesh strainer to remove the excess water. (Remove as much moisture as you can--if it's too wet, the burger won’t hold together as well.)  Add strained vegetable mixture to bowl with black beans.  Add chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper and stir to combine.  Add beaten egg and mix. Stir in bread crumbs. Form mixture into 4 or 5 patties.  Grill burgers on a well-oiled grill for about 4-5 minutes on each side.  Serve burgers on a bun topped with a spoonful of chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, or any other desired toppings!

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 BBQ Chicken Burger

8 thick-cut strips of bacon (1/2 pound) 

2lbs ground chicken

Salt and pepper, or other seasoning, to taste

4 slices cheese

Barbecue sauce 

4 hamburger buns, split and toasted 

Thinly sliced red onion and tomato and lettuce, for serving

In a large cast-iron skillet, cook bacon over moderate heat, turning once, until browned and crisp, 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer bacon to paper towels to drain and cut strips in half. Pour off all but 2 tablespoons of fat from skillet and reserve grease.  Add sliced onion to skillet.  Cook, stirring occasionally until onions soften and become translucent.  Form chicken into four 1/2-inch-thick patties and season generously with salt and pepper. Add patties to skillet and cook over moderately high heat until browned on bottom, about 4 minutes. Flip burgers and cook for another 4-5 minutes.  Top with cheese and crisp bacon and cook until the cheese is melted and burger is cooked through.  Spread barbecue sauce on bottom buns and top with cheeseburgers, sliced onion, tomato and lettuce. Close burgers and serve immediately.

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